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Lp Sakorn kp small phim

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Lp Sakorn Khun paen

Be 2553

LP Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub, Rayong province was born on 3rd February 1938. 
Devoted Student of Luang Poo Tim, Wat Laharnrai
Luang Poo Tim, the previous Abbot of Wat Laharnrai, Bankai, Rayong. 
He is a favorite Geji Ajarn that people still respect him a lot even till present days. 
This is because he was a well manner monk that keeps to his precept. 
LP Thim managed to maintance a high level of mindfulness and thus having 
a high level of Buddha Kom (White Magic) such as… Kongkraphanchatri
(invulnerable), Metta Maha Niyom, MahaLarp and KlaewKlaad.

At present, most people and the almost all amulets collectors will try to get 
hold of a Luang Poo Thim’s amulets. And the one who manage to own 
one would prefer to keep than renting it out. This is because many of them 
had experienced at least one miracle event when they keep a LP Tim’s 
amulet near them.
Even after LP Tim had died, the people still be respected him a lot. 
When he was alived, a local village man asked him this “Luang Poo, 
if one day you are not around anymore, which monk we should pay our 
respect to?”
LP Tim pointed to a young monk and said “That’s Sakorn. He learned 
a lot from my magic…….”
Sakorn who Luang Poo said is “Luang Phor Sakorn from Wat Nong Grub” 
his favorite student who manages to learn all of his magic.
LP Sakorn is a favorite Geji in Eastern part of the country. 
He has a lot of people who respect him partially because he is a monk 
who has good behavior, kind and he made a lot of good magic amulets.
When LP Sakorn was young, he started to learn magic and traditional 
medicine, with that knowledge he managed to help a lot of his friends in the early days. 
He never used them for any bad purpose.

LP Sakorn was ordained in Wat Nong Grub but he stayed at Wat Laharn Rai 
to learn the Visha (magic knowledge) from LP Tim. After he learned all the Visha 
from LP Tim, he proceeded to learn from LP Pheng Sasno, Wat Laharn Yai.
LP Pheng was once a soldier under the command of Somdej Tia Gromma 
Luang Chumporn Khet Udom Sak. 
He also learned from Luang Poo Suk, Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao who had 
the knowledge about unbeatable and KlaewKlaad. He ever tried to prove by 
writing only one letter on a lead sheet and use a gun to shoot at it. 
The bullet could not shoot out from the gun.

After that LP Sakorn was instructed by LP Tim to learn more from LP Hin 
Wat Nong Sanom, Luang Phor Pab Wat Krabok Khuen Phueng and LP Som 
Wat Baan Chong.

Because he is deligent to learn more, many Geji Ajarn taught him the best 
of their own knowledge such as:

B.E. 2503 went to learn with Ajarn Kamchieng in Myanmar
B.E. 2506 learned with Ajarn Sin, Wat Nawang, Banglamung, Chonburi Province
B.E. 2518 learned with AJ.Supot at Cambodian.
B.E. 2523 learned with AJ.Sumol Kamsieng at Srisaket Province. 
B.E. 2525 learned with LP. Bunyen, Wat Jaeng Nok, Nakornrajchasrima Province
B.E. 2526 learned with LP. Koon, Wat Ban Rai
B.E. 2527 learned with LP Akom, Wat Daonimitr, Petchaboon Province
B.E. 2528 learned with LP.Beem, Wat Prasart, Prajeenburi Province and more

When he was assumed the abbot at Wat Nong Grub in B.E. 2508, he restored 
this Wat that is more than 200 years old with the Kuti totally burned down.
LP Sakorn is specially gifted in sculptural arts, molding and wall mural drawing 
on his temple’s wall including lacquer the gold pad. He has so far rebuild 
the main bot, Kuti and many other facilities in Wat Nong Grub.
LP Sakorn has so far been taught by many teachers and he has altogether 
been studying from varies Ajahh for more than 30 years.